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About us

It started as everything does: as an idea.


A joke, actually. Back in 2013, Lynne Duquette Perera (Lulu Nori Morse) and Kari Hall (Gravy Digger) joked that it would be great if Cape Cod had a roller derby team. One week later a post from Lulu on Facebook went up ‘We need to start a league on the Cape now!’

Not knowing if anyone would reply, the first to respond was Talia Arone (Talia Momma) who, together originally co-founded what we now know as Cape Cod Roller Derby.

Years later, CCRD still welcomes dozens of Cape Codders who enter our doors intrigued, curious, anxious, and excited to learn more about this friendly band of misfits on Cape Cod who found an outlet where they can drop their problems at the door and do something new/scary/exhilarating/challenging but most importantly—for themselves.

As the options for competitive sports dwindle for young (and not so young) adults, having an organized sports league that not only fosters healthy habits, team dynamics, and sportswomanship, but also encourages inclusiveness, personal expression, and (let's be honest) fierce competition is important in any community, especially ours. As part of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), we support and promote the inclusive environment they have set out to build welcoming anyone who identifies as a trans woman, intersex woman, and/or gender expansive to skate with our team if women’s flat track roller derby is the version and composition of roller derby with which they most closely identify.

Now as we continue to grow and adapt, the reins have been passed from our co-founders to a Board of Directors and is now a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization so CCRD can stay a full-time resident of Cape Cod for years to come!

Sara D.
Red Russian

Vice President/ HR Director

Cha Cha 

Training Director

Wreck It

Operations & Events Director

Ginger Slaps




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