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Derby 101 is an 8-week, non-contact session to train new and/or returning skaters on the fundamental skills of skating for roller derby. It is open to all genders and all skill levels aged 18+. So whether you haven’t put on skates since the second grade, or are a certified ‘rink-rat’ this is where you start your roller derby journey.


Regular practices have been suspended due to COVID-19. Derby 101 will begin once it's safe to resume our regular schedule. Please reach out if you're interested in joining! 



  • What will we be learning? Am I going to get hit?!?
    Well, besides accounting for a rogue beach ball or something—no, there is NO hitting or contact drills in the Derby 101 session. We will be focusing on the first part of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) minimum skills (Parts 1-4) focusing heavily on individual skills like stopping, balance, and stance. To review and watch videos on the WFTDA minimum skills check out:
  • What if I can’t skate/haven’t skated in a long time?
    Join the club! Many of us started without having wheels on our feet for years before joining. We take all experience levels and have veteran skaters and coaches that can help you on your journey to learning how to skate. All we ask is that you try and give it your best!
  • Do I need special insurance?
    You must have your own personal primary medical insurance in order to participate in Derby 101. You will also be required to sign a waiver before skating with CCRD. If you decide to continue on with your derby journey after Derby 101 and get cleared to move up into contact drills, you will be required to purchase individual WFTDA insurance which is $80/yr (or prorated for mid-year sign ups).
  • Am I going to get hurt?
    We’re going to be straight with you: there are injuries in derby—even without any contact! There is always an inherent risk when you have eight wheels strapped to your feet. However, we all do an ‘off-skates’ warm up to get your body ready and our coaches often work in a cool down stretch session to help recover all those ‘derby muscles’ you’ll be feeling. ALWAYS REMEMBER: SKATES ON, GEAR ON! Never skate around without your protective gear on. It is against our insurance, our league policies, and against your best interest.
  • What kind of gear do I need?
    All skaters (including referees) are required to wear a helmet, mouth guard, elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads and quad roller skates (no rollerblades-unless you are reffing). You may borrow gear up until the next session. Borrowed gear does not leave the space. As you develop your skating style, your quality of gear may change, but CCRD suggests the following “starter” gear as being sufficient and even essential to a skater starting roller derby without breaking the bank: HELMET (required): S1, Triple 8, or Bauer Hockey Helmet (eye shields are ok) *DO NOT BUY AN UNCERTIFIED HELMET!* There are some on the market (Triple 8 Sweatsaver) that are not rated for multiple hits. Do yourself and your head a favor an invest in a certified helmet (Triple 8 Certified Sweatsaver is ok) Color: You can buy any color you want for practice, but know that if you make the team you will need a black helmet. MOUTH GUARD (required): SISU 1.6 (ones at local sporting goods stores are good as well, but you may find them bulky) ELBOW PADS (required): 187, Triple 8 or Smith Scabs WRIST GUARDS (required): Triple Eight, 187 or Smith Scabs KNEE PADS (required): 187 Fly, 187 Pro, or Smith Scabs QUAD ROLLER SKATES (required): Riedell Dart or Riedell R3 (great starter skates) WHEELS: This is 100% personal preference. Most of us use a range between 88-95s at the 4Cs gym (the number refers to the hardness of the wheel, the higher the number the harder or more slipperier the wheel.) When you are starting out, you may find a lower number wheel a bit easier to start with until you progress your skills. If you find yourself sliding out too much or too ‘stuck’ to the floor, ask your coach if there are any other loaner wheels to try out. If not, ask around to see if you can borrow some from other skaters (we all have multiple sets of wheels). If you plan on skating outside, buy a set of outdoor wheels or just be sure to use hybrid wheels like Poisons or Envys. If you’re not sure, ask! TOE STOPS: Gumballs, Bionics, Moonwalkers TOOLS: Mini Skate Wrench, Unit Skate Tool, Roller Bones Bearing Tool (necessary tools will vary depending on the type of skates you have but are sufficient for the skates listed here.) BEARINGS: Bones Reds (Wheels do not come with bearings unless they are already on the skates. And unless you want to move your bearings every time you switch wheels, buy bearings when you buy more wheels.) You can get those locally at the Boarding House in Hyannis if you are in a pinch. PADDED SHORTS: Triple 8 RD Bumsavers. Some skaters prefer the confidence of knowing there is a little extra protection between their tailbones and the floor during an awkward fall. SKATE PROTECTION: Toe Guard Strips or Riedell Leather Toe Caps (Both protect the toe of your skate from inevitable wear. Good ol’ duct tape works too!) We highly recommend derby owned and run Bruised Boutique in Nashua, NH for all your derby gear needs. They are super helpful, very knowledgeable and it makes for a great day trip if you want to go up and actually try on your gear before you buy. Also, CCRD gets a discount! When you join our session we’ll send out the discount code.
  • Can I be a part of the league other than playing on the team?
    Yes! Running CCRD takes a village. We are always in need of Non-Skating Officials (NSOs) and Referees (derby refs are on skates and are required to pass their version of minimum skills.) Roller derby cannot happen without those jobs! The same with those looking to play on the team, no experience is needed to start! We will train and guide you along the way to become the best official you can be!
  • What else is expected of me?
    Listen to your coaches! I promise you, they have your best interest at heart. If they are pushing you to do something out of your comfort zone, it’s because they see the potential in you. If they caution you not to do something or move a certain way it’s because we’ve seen (or felt) the consequences of such action. Ask when you need help! While we try to check in with everyone regularly, we also ask you to speak up when you need help, have a question or concern. If you do not feel comfortable bringing this up to one of your coaches, you can always reach out to the Head of Human Resources on the Board of Directors. Practice! No one can expect to advance without putting in the necessary practice. In addition to our regular practices, the Carousel Skating Rink is close by in Fairhaven (and home to our sister league Mass Attack Roller Derby) has skate nights, and in the warmer months hit the canal or skatepark or even your own driveway for practice. By joining this session you are also agreeing to follow the CCRD Code of Conduct. CCRD strives to create an inclusive environment free from harassment or discrimination. Anyone who cannot follow these values will be asked to leave. CCRD is an all-volunteer run organization (ie. no one gets paid to do this!) so we ask and expect PATIENCE and UNDERSTANDING from new skaters as we continue to adjust with the needs of a growing league. The Board of Directors are always working to keep the wheels turning and doing it on an unpaid volunteer basis. And lastly, we expect you to keep an open mind, give your all when it counts, and remember to have fun!


Ready to sign up?

There are just a few things need to happen prior to starting:

  1. Print & fill out the initial paperwork (below). Bring that with you!

  2. Prepay (if you are not doing the 'drop-in' thing). You can pay by cash or Paypal. We'll get you set-up on your first day!


So let's get to it!

Derby 101 Sign Up
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